27 Apr 2013

Lae students to return to school following death on PNG bus

6:23 am on 27 April 2013

Students in the city of Lae in Papua New Guinea will be able to return to school on Monday as tension following the death of a student travelling on a bus, eases.

The Morobe Education Division closed schools in the city indefinitely on Tuesday when clashes between public vehicle operators and people in Lae broke out.

Berei Kalo an assistant in Education Services, says on the weekend a seminary student was allegedly pushed off a public transport bus by the crew after he tried to stop them from harassing girls on the bus.

Mr Kalo says that sparked an angry public response and saw attacks on bus owners from the company, which spilled into areas of the city.

"And therefore we have to take certain precautions and measures to help our students but from my assessment and evaluation now the buses have gone normal so we have uplifted the suspension and will allow for our students to return back to classes on Monday."

Berei Kalo says the police have arrested the bus crew thought to be involved in the death of the student and have urged the public not to take the law into their own hands.