29 Apr 2013

Sugar researchers say new cane variety can generate electricity

3:11 pm on 29 April 2013

The Sugar Research Institute of Fiji says a new sugarcane variety to be released later this year has a high fibre content that can be used to generate electricity.

Two new sugarcane varieties will be released this year, after the Institute conducted more than a decade of tests to find new breeds to be produced alongside the dominant Mana variety.

A research officer, Prem Naidu says during the crushing season, farmers use raw material to produce electricity, and the more fibre in the cane, the greater the energy generation.

He says one of the new varieties to be introduced this year, produces about 15 percent fibre compared with Mana, which contains about 10 percent fibre.

"So this variety will be a preferred variety because it does not fall off easily, and it is a high fibre content variety. So basically when you have a fibre content you can use fibre for electricity generation. So later in the plan for the sugar industry is to have electricity generation. So this variety will help in that generation."

Prem Naidu says the other new variety has a high sugar content which will produce good tonnage.