29 Apr 2013

Samoa opposition disappointed at Electric Power Corp over lost revenue

6:43 pm on 29 April 2013

Samoa's opposition says the Electric Power Corporation should have noticed

millions of dollars in lost revenue much sooner than it did.

The EPC is reportedly conducting an investigation into a fradulent scheme allegedly involving cash power meters, that has incurred a revenue loss of almost 5 million US since Cyclone Evan.

Tautua Samoa Party spokesman, Palusalue Faaopo II, says someone needs to be held to account for the losses, and it shows EPC systems need a complete overhaul.

He says its disappointing that some people obviously got away without paying for power.

"Its a huge huge money not being collected by the EPC. So the government should look at it, where the problem was, and the reason why they were not able to collect this. It's a lot of money."

Tautua Samoa Party spokesman, Palusalue Faaopo II