1 May 2013

Fiji sugarcane farmers can expect better returns from new varieties

1:38 pm on 1 May 2013

The Fiji Sugar Corporation says farmers could earn more once two new varieties of sugarcane are released.

The Sugar Research Institute of Fiji has approved two new varieties with high sugar and fibre content to be released later this year.

The Executive Chairman of the Sugar Corporation, Abdul Khan says the key benefit of the LF-94694 variety is it matures early while the existing dominant Mana variety is mid-to-late maturing.

"During the start of our sugar processing season we will be able to optimise the sugar output. Now with the farmers being paid on a quality system rather than on a tonnage, this will be advantageous to them because the better the quality of the cane, the higher the payment that they will receive for their sugarcane."

The Fiji Sugar Corporation's chairman, Abdul Khan.