1 May 2013

Delays in proposed Fugalei market irk Samoa's opposition

8:51 pm on 1 May 2013

Samoa's opposition party says many farmers selling produce are upset at ongoing delays over the rebuild of the proposed Fugalei market that now won't be completed until next year.

Original plans for a two storey market have recently been scrapped in favour of a one storey building, a move which will save close to 9 million US dollars.

But the Tautua Samoa Party says this shows poor planning.

The party spokesman, Palusalue Faaopo the II says just over 1 million US dollars on drafting earlier plans has been wasted, and demolishing the old market early last year without considering how best to accomodate the sellers in the interim has led to complaints.

He says it's good the government has now made temporary space on the vacated market land for vendors, but the rebuild needs to completed more quickly.

"I hope that it would be sooner for the farmers to sell their products. So we are pushing the government to start building it now, but they are just going through the tender process again to re-tender the market."

Palusalue Faaopo the II says he still believes privatising the market rebuild would have made more economic sense.