6 May 2013

Tri Marine promises committment to American Samoa

10:25 am on 6 May 2013

The tuna canning company, Tri Marine International, has again reaffirmed its commitment to maintaining a fishing fleet based in American Samoa, as well as utilising the territorial government-owned shipyard for repairs.

Tri Marine is looking at setting up a cannery in the territory next year.

There have been recent concerns the company may be looking at other Pacific islands to conduct shipyard repairs.

But a Tri Marine official, Mike Wisneske, says the company has already increased its Pago Pago fishing fleet to 10.

He is assuring the territory that it has not reneged on its earlier promises.

"We are here. We're not planning on restructuring here, we are here as a full fledged operation. So that's what brings our interests into supporting and helping operate this yard any way that we can. And part of that is by doing our repairs here in between refits."

Mike Wisneske says the work that has been done on a Tri Marine vessel has been more than satisfactory and another vessel is due in port around June or July for repairs.