6 May 2013

New Zealand and Australian unions launch campaign to alert Fiji travellers

12:57 pm on 6 May 2013

A campaign to raise awareness among tourists about the political situation in Fiji has been launched by the New Zealand and Australian Council of Trade Unions.

The Secretary of the CTU in New Zealand, Peter Conway, says the union wants to alert potential travellers about the situation many workers in Fiji face.

He says they are often unaware the country is being run by a military regime.

"We respect the fact that people make their own decisions as to whether or not people want to holiday in Fiji. But we want them to be informed. And it's about ethical purchasing, just as it is in the Supermarket. So, we want people to be aware and the fact is; human rights have been stripped away in Fiji and that is a huge concern."

Peter Conway says Fiji is far from the paradise portrayed in brochures and its time travellers took into account what is going on in the country when they choose to go there.