6 May 2013

Pacific media ombudsman aimed at instilling confidence

4:10 pm on 6 May 2013

The co-ordinator of the online media group Pacific Freedom Forum says one of the aims of having a regional media self regulation in the form of an ombudsman is to instill confidence in the press.

Pacific Media organisations gathered in Solomon Islands last week for World Press Freedom Day resolved to establish a Pacific Media Ombudsman by the same day next year.

A taskforce has been established to set up a Pacific Media Ombudsman system over the next six months and Jason Brown says that group will approach donors for set-up funding.

He says it can be difficult sometimes for Pacific journalists to gain access to the likes of politicians and business operators but trust in the media may encourage them to be more accessible.

"There has been criticism in the past of media for not being fair and balanced and what we hope is that by building this mechanism that governments can get extra confidence that their views will get reported fairly if not fully. Obviously there are time and space constraints."

The co-ordinator of the online media group Pacific Freedom Forum, Jason Brown.