7 May 2013

200 million US dollar green projects proposed for CNMI

11:05 am on 7 May 2013

The Northern Marianas company Saipan Development LLC is proposing about 200 million US dollars worth of wind and solar projects on Tinian and Saipan.

The proposal, presented yesterday by the company's adviser Kenneth Mahmood and Green Global Solutions Saipan LLC, has attracted a mix of interest, concerns, and questions from senators in the CNMI.

This comes months after Saipan Development LLC signed with CNMI officials a 190 million US dollar diesel power deal that later became one of the bases for two impeachment resolutions against the former governor Benigno Fitial.

Mr Fitial resigned days before his impeachment trial at the Senate.

Senators say the new proposal includes 30-megawatt wind turbines on Tinian with plans of delivering to Saipan the alternative power produced through underwater cable, as well as a 10-megawatt solar energy plant on Saipan.