9 May 2013

Lessons learned from Solomons' Temotu tsunami

7:26 pm on 9 May 2013

Recommendations from communities affected by the tsunami that hit Solomon Islands' Temotu province in February are to be incorporated into existing plans for dealing with disasters.

Tomorrow the National Disaster Management Office and other agencies are taking part in a region-wide drill called PacWave 13 which will will trial new international early warning products.

Several devastating tsunamis have hit Solomon Islands over the past decade, the most recent in Temotu Province in February.

The disaster management office's chief operations officer, George Baragamu, says there is a lot of work being done on how to get the message out to remote communities.

"We have done a lessons learned exercise on the whole Santa Cruz disaster and we have good feedback from the community as well as there are many recommendations that were put in by all 17 wards in Santa Cruz in terms of helping us improve the early warning arrangements."

George Baragamu says PacWave 13 is a good opportunity to compare the early warning products it is already using with those being trialled in the drill.