16 May 2013

Samoan NGO's distribute low-cost solar lights

3:16 pm on 16 May 2013

The Rotary Club in Apia and the NGO, Women in Business Samoa, have started a project to provide low-cost solar power lights to houses.

The Rotary Club Director, Robyn O'Dell, says power prices are unaffodable for some people who instead resort to using dangerous kerosene lamps or going without any light at all.

She says the solar lights, which cost 20 US dollars, will improve the quality of life for families without power and reduce bills for others.

"Power costs are very high, the country has to import diesel and even though there is power in most households in Samoa, a lot of houses find it impossible to pay their bills. So this helps to bring down the costs of power, it also helps people with being able to read and do their homework at night."

Robyn O'Dell says on a full charge, the lights will give off somewhere between six and 12 hours of light.