16 May 2013

No forgiveness in Vanuatu politics, says Jimmy

3:18 pm on 16 May 2013

Vanuatu's recently sacked finance minister, Willie Jimmy, says the new government could be toppled after just two months in office.

Mr Jimmy has signed the opposition's motion of no confidence in the new prime minister Moana Carcasses's government, shortly after being sacked last week.

Opposition sources say the motion has been signed by 26 MPs, but the government has denied this, saying the government is intact.

Mr Jimmy says there are many concerns with the actions of the new-look government, which should galvanise support for the motion.

"It was brought to my attention on Saturday evening and I signed it already. Now it's somewhere there so... you know Vanuatu politics, anything can happen at anytime. As the saying goes, by the old founder of this country, in politics there is no forgiveness."

Willie Jimmy

The motion is expected to be lodged in parliament before the end of the week.