21 May 2013

Temaru rejects French democracy claim in decolonisation tiff

3:24 pm on 21 May 2013

The leader of French Polynesia's opposition Union For Democracy, Oscar Temaru, has rejected French claims that the territory's re-inscription in the UN decolonisation list is a glaring interference by the UN.

The General Assembly approved the re-listing which Paris described as a failure to understand the democratic choice of French Polynesia whose assembly voted to stop the decolonisation bid on the eve of the vote in New York.

Mr Temaru says France never consulted the people when it withdrew French Polynesia from the list in 1947.

And he has told local television that Francois Hollande earlier recognised the aspirations of Maohi Nui.

"Before he was elected president, he was the secretary general of the Socialist Party and together we signed a convention in which he recognised the right to self-determination of the people of Maohi Nui. I understand that once elected president, there is no longer the same political vision and so on."

Oscar Temaru says the objections are due to the territory's geo-political signficance.