23 May 2013

Plans to develop CNMI's Goat Island to a eco-tourism destination

11:29 am on 23 May 2013

Plans are underway in the Northern Marianas to develop Aguiguan or Goat Island into an ecological tourism destination.

The Mayor of Tinian and Aguiguan, Ramon Dela Cruz hopes to showcase Goat Island's untapped natural beauty and resources, at a time when the US Department of Defense plans to use all or most of its leased lands on Tinian for military training.

Two-thirds of Tinian land is leased to the US military and plans are underway to build live-fire training ranges on Tinian and Pagan in the Northern Islands.

Ramon Dela Cruz says the idea is to turn Aguiguan or Goat Island into a sustainable tourism resort destination, without most modern amenities, offering something new yet a readily available experience for tourists and residents.