24 May 2013

Call for government talks on CNMI's Pagan

6:41 am on 24 May 2013

A group representing the interests of the indigenous people of the Northern Marianas is calling for governmental talks with the United States over a military proposal to take over the island of Pagan.

Seven thousand Chamorro and Carolinian people are registered with the Northern Marianas Descent Corporation, which formed in March.

The president, Ana Sablan Teregeyo, says under the covenant agreed with the US in 1975, any further use of land by the military can only take place by agreement.

She says talks on the issue must begin immediately.

"Or our government, the legislature in particular, has been discussing it for the past few years, of entertaining a deal that will create a second Northern Marianas political status commission."

Ana Sablan Teregeyo says the commission would evaluate the relationship between the CNMI and the US and address issues of particular concern, such as Pagan.