24 May 2013

'Below-normal' cyclone season forecast for central Pacific

8:48 am on 24 May 2013

The Central Pacific Hurricane Centre says the central Pacific basin is likely to have a below-normal hurricane season with one to three cyclones.

For 2013 in the northern hemisphere, there is a 70 per cent chance of a below-normal season and a 25 per cent chance of a near-normal season.

An average season has four to five tropical cyclones, which include tropical depressions, tropical storms and hurricanes.

The outlook for a below normal season is based upon the continuation of neutral El Nino-Southern Oscillation conditions.

The Director of NOAA's Central Pacific Hurricane Centre Ray Tanabe says just because the season is predicted to be below-normal does not mean there won't be impacts.

He says the public should be weather-ready by signing up for weather alerts, developing a family emergency plan, and building an emergency kit before hurricane season begins.