27 May 2013

Smokeless stoves on way to Marshall Islands

5:10 am on 27 May 2013

A Majuro women's group in the Marshall Islands is spearheading a plan to provide a thousand smokeless stoves to low-income families on the outer islands.

The KIO Club has secured a donation of 1,000 stoves and a United States State Department grant to boost a scheme aimed at cutting wood use and reducing pollution.

The stoves reduce the amount of fuel wood needed by 40 percent, and reduce pollution emissions even more.

Our correspondent, Giff Johnson, says the health of the people around the stove is also improved with less smoke inhalation.

He says the Aprovecho Research Center has the stoves mass-produced and made the donation to the KIO Club.

"The Club put in a grant request to the US Embassy here in Majuro and the State Department came through with about a 24 thousand dollar grant which is being used to pay for the transportation costs to get the container full of the stoves in from Asia and then it will fund training people to use them, delivery to the outer islands, education around it and so on."

Giff Johnson.