28 May 2013

Samoa women's ngo says farmers nearly back to business after Evan

5:06 am on 28 May 2013

The Samoa Women in Business Development group says farmers badly affected by last years destructive Cyclone Evan are very close to being back to business as usual.

The group has been working with just under 300 farmers that had their crops and property damaged by the cyclone.

The executive director of women in business development, Adi Maimalaga Tafuna'i, says with the help of Oxfam they have been making regular visits to farmers to check on their progress and help rebuild and replant.

She says farmers have bounced back fast, although it will be some time before they can produce coconut oil full time, and another month before bananas can be harvested for export.

"For farmers planting vegetables, they're very much involved now in bringing their vegetables in for the organic baskets on fridays and selling at the markets. most of the fruit, bananas and pawpaws, they're starting to come back on the market, we're beginning to see bananas all over now, only not as much as we would have had if it hadn't have been for the cyclone."

Adi Maimalaga Tafuna'i says support to get the farmers back on their feet has been huge.