28 May 2013

CNMI's former AG Buckingham due in Saipan court after handing himself in

2:16 pm on 28 May 2013

The former attorney general of the Northern Marianas, Edward Buckingham, has turned himself in to the Department of Public Safety in Saipan and is being held in custody.

Mr Buckingham, who has been declared a fugitive from justice in the CNMI, is due to appear in the Superior Court today for an initial appearance and bail hearing.

He was recently arrested in the US state of Colorado after fleeing the territory in 2012 to avoid being served a penal summons.

He is accused of violating election laws and illegally approving a number of sole-source contracts on behalf of a former governor, Benigno Fitial.

The governor, Eloy Inos, was in the process of applying for Mr Buckingham's extradition from Colorado to the CNMI.