4 Jun 2013

Vanuatu govt should review Council of Ministers meetings - Jimmy

9:50 am on 4 June 2013

A former Vanuatu minister of finance and economic management has recommended to the Government to review its policy to hold only three Council of Ministers' Meeting in the Provinces this year, and another three next year to reduce its costs.

MP Willie Jimmy has estimated that holding all the Council of Ministers' Meeting in all six Provinces this year would cost a total of 1.6 million US dollars, something the Government cannot afford to spend.

Mr Jimmy says it would make more sense for the Government to hold three meetings this year, and delay the other three meetings until next year.

He says it is not proper for the Moana Carcasses's Government to host any Council of Ministers Meeting in the Provinces without any approved expenditure.

Mr Jimmy was dismissed from the Government last month for not agreeing with a number of newly introduced Government policies including the 100 Days List.

The extensive list includes moves towards political reform and greater accountability in public finance and economic management.