4 Jun 2013

Buckingham allowed to leave CNMI

9:31 pm on 4 June 2013

The Superior Court in the Northern Marianas has approved the request of former attorney general, Edward Buckingham, to be allowed to leave Saipan and return to Colorado for medical treatment.

The judge said he has been persuaded that Mr Buckingham will suffer undue hardship if he is not allowed to leave.

Mr Buckingham had been arrested in Colorado last month, but while being free on bail he flew to the CNMI where he was wanted on a range of charges.

He surrendered in Saipan but then appealed to the court to be allowed to return to Colorado.

Last September, Mr Buckingham was declared a fugitive from justice for leaving the CNMI despite being served a court summons.

The charges against Buckingham in connection with an alleged violation of election laws and illegal award of a sole-source contract, among others.