7 Jun 2013

Sport: PNG Rugby League to focus on grassroots

9:59 am on 7 June 2013

The new chairperson of the Papua New Guinea Rugby League Federation says he wants to focus on improving the game at the grassroots level.

Don Fox was elected chair of the new board at last week's AGM in Lae, the first in four years following a period of infighting and court battles.

He says supporting the Kumuls on their path to the Rugby League World Cup is the new board's immediate priority but they're also keen to invest in the next wave of talent.

"Get the kids off the street and onto the footy fields playing football, kicking footballs, doing whatever kids do these days. If we can then move from the grassroots into the middle class areas what we want to do is bring back our inter-zone championships this year, and that will happen. We're moving in the right direction - we've got the best people looking after the top-end of our players and we can look after the middle and the bottom end of it."