7 Jun 2013

Solomon government plan for channelling budget criticized

9:58 am on 7 June 2013

Transparency Solomon Islands is deeply concerned about a Government plan to take $33 million Solomon Islands dollars from the Ministry of Agriculture budget and channel it through Members of Parliament, a move that has been widely criticized.

It says the roles and responsibilities of government Ministries must be respected by the NCRA government.

The anti-corruption organisation says after constant failures to submit their plans for these and other constituency development funds, MPs have shown that they are unable or unwilling to spend the money in an open and accountable way.

The $33 million was allocated for the cocoa and coconut industry support programmes currently under the control of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Transparency Solomon Islands believes that the Ministry is in a better position to deliver the programmes than politicians and says channeling funds through individual MPs allows room for corruption to thrive.