7 Jun 2013

French Polynesia government changes prison head

1:49 pm on 7 June 2013

The new French Polynesian government has continued to make changes to key positions in the public service.

It has replaced Martine Boisson, the woman at the helm of the territory's prison, where the president Gaston Flosse and his tourism minister, Geffry Salmon, were jailed during a corruption investigation four years ago.

This year, they were given prison sentences for their role in funnelling and receiving kickbacks in excess of two million US dollars over a decade for giving public sector contracts to a French advertising executive.

They have appealed against their sentences in France's highest court.

The government has now also hired Mr Flosse's former secretary, Melba Ortas, who was also held in prison in the same probe and convicted in the same corruption case this year.