10 Jun 2013

Researchers help Vanuatu farmers with commerical farming options

8:06 am on 10 June 2013

Researchers from Papua New Guinea have visited Vanuatu to help local farmers better access new ideas about farming.

The team was led by Sim Sar of the PNG National Agriculltural Research Institute who says they want to upskill Vanuatu's farmers and help them improve output.

He says to ensure there is a trickle down of information they aim to have the farmers themselves involved in the research projects from the beginning.

Mr Sar says while subsistence farming is the mainstay of rural life in Melanesia there is a need, because of economic pressures, for a more commercial approach to be taken.

"There are many forces which impinge on our people so we have to go into semi-commercial, commercial farming so that we can be able find ways to generate revenue, cash for each household, each family. And there are ways in which we have to farm and that is the challenge which we face in the Pacific."

Sim Sar from the PNG National Agriculltural Research Institute.