10 Jun 2013

CNMI governor withdraws controversial judge nomination

3:50 pm on 10 June 2013

The Governor of the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Eloy Inos has withdrawn the administration's nomination of attorney Ramon Quichocho to serve on the Superior Court.

The move ends a month-long controversy that includes allegations of fraud and racketeering against the nominee.

Mr Quichocho's appointment, which requires the Senate's advice and consent, immediately drew mixed reactions.

Within days, the CNMI Bar Association gave a failing grade on his suitability for the associate judge job.

The Superior Court Associate also determined that he had induced a landowner to violate public policy by filing false documents with the Commonwealth Recorder's Office.

But there were also others from the CNMI and Guam that have come out to support Mr Quichocho nomination, saying he would be a good judge.