11 Jun 2013

New Nauru President prioritises stable government

8:21 pm on 11 June 2013

Nauru's new president, Baron Waqa, says his priority is forging stability of government.

The veteran MP and a former government minister was elected by Nauru's new parliament at its first sitting today.

A former finance minister Roland Kun was also nominated for the presidency but Mr Waqa won the vote 13 to five.

Following months of political deadlock which led to the early election, Mr Waqa says political stability is essential if Nauru is to prosper.

With six new MPs in the parliament, the President-elect is enthusiastic about the prospects.

"I can see that we'll operate a lot better now with these new people in. The number is quite overwhelming that is in support of government now. If there's going to be any problem down the track, it will be due to problems with members wanting to take over and convincing others to join their group, those sort of things. At this stage, I think the chances of that are remote."

Baron Waqa says his new cabinet will be unveiled in parliament on Thursday.