12 Jun 2013

Nauru's President wants locals to feel safe before refugees allowed out

4:41 am on 12 June 2013

Nauru's newly elected President Baron Waqa says his government wants to make sure Nauruans feel at ease before asylum seekers are allowed open access to the community.

A hearing continues in Nauru challenging the legality of detaining asylum seekers on the island.

400 asylum seekers are living in an Australian-run camp on the island as part of Canberra's offshore processing deal with the Nauru government.

Mr Waqa says there are aspects of the arrangements relating to the camp that need to be reconsidered including allowing asylum seekers into the community unsupervised.

"This government will address that so that people can feel more at ease and feel secure and safe. We have no problems with these people coming out and being amongst us but we have to be certain that our people are not in danger for all sorts of reasons."

Baron Waqa.