12 Jun 2013

Judge orders investigation into treatment of Guam's prisoners

1:34 pm on 12 June 2013

A US federal judge has ordered an investigation into how prisoners are treated at Guam's prison.

The order comes after a prisoner, Julian Robles, alleged he was being detained in unsafe conditions that violate his and other defendants' rights and filed a motion for his release at the US district court.

Robles says he is being denied access to the prison law library, religious activities, and sanitation and cleaning products.

The Pacific Daily News reports the federal government opposed Robles's release, saying the conditions at the islands prison are adequate.

However, it did concede Robles is entitled to toilet paper, access to the library and medication and argued that proper action would be an inquiry by federal marshals.

If the marshals cannot resolve the issues, the court will hear the matter on June 24th.