14 Jun 2013

Ban call on financial actions by PNG legislatures during polls

7:07 pm on 14 June 2013

A presidential candidate for the Kutubu local level government in Papua new Guinea's Southern Highlands, has called for a freeze on all financial actions by all assemblies during the polling period.

The newspaper, The National, reports that John Pipi Kila called on the Ministry of Inter-Government Relations to cease all financial delegations and commitments from this weekend as campaigning starts through until the end of polling in mid-July.

Mr Pipi Kila says it had been evident in the past that many sitting candidates use Local Level government assets and facilities in their political campaigns.

He says this is patently unfair.

Meanwhile, the Chief Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen, extended the due date for the nominations from Wednesday until today but said other dates and schedules for the LLG election would remain unchanged.