17 Jun 2013

Bougainville to set up security academy with Australia's BRI

7:01 am on 17 June 2013

Bougainville is to team up with an Australian security company as it strives to improve law and order in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province.

An under resourced police force is seen as the key reason lawless remains a deterrent to investment and other activity.

The president John Momis says while the government is now starting to take greater control and get into a position to enforce their laws and policies, there is a need for more training for police.

And he says to complement that work they intend training former combatants as security personnel, through a joint venture with Australian firm, BRI.[bee are eye]

"We will set up an academy or a training school for ex-combatants and other civilians to be our security people. The standard will be Australian standard - we don't want any mediocrity. They will not take the role of the police by the way, they will collaborate and complement the role of the police."

The President of Bougainville John Momis.