19 Jun 2013

Pay-by-weight scheme moves Samoa Air flier to lose weight

4:45 am on 19 June 2013

The pay-by-weight scheme introduced by the airline that flies within Samoa and to neighbouring American Samoa has moved one passenger to get fit and lose weight.

Leilani Curry says when she flew to American Samoa in April, which is when the scheme came in, she did not mind paying more because she had really comfortable seating.

But the Chamber of Commerce member says the whole process of paying for her own weight made her think about how individual indulgence affects other people.

"There could have been someone that needed to get a flight to American Samoa or back from American Samoa but they couldn't because I was taking up two seats instead of one. So that's actually made me come back and really want to lose weight and change my lifestyle. It's been a very positive experience for me."

Leilani Curry says she has lost about four kilograms and rejoined the outrigger paddling team, with a view to competing in championships in American Samoa later this year.

She says she is aiming to pay less for that flight.