19 Jun 2013

Papua man claims to be witness of Indonesian military killing villagers

7:08 pm on 19 June 2013

A man in Indonesia's Papua province says he is on the run from the military after witnessing a massacre of Papuans.

Several reports emerged in May of a slaughter of 40 people in the remote area of Tingginambut, close to the Puncak Jaya mountains, but so far very little evidence has been produced.

The witness says he hid up in the mountain for weeks after seeing the military kill people in villages in anger after not being able to find a wanted Papuan activist.

He says police know about the incident but haven't taken any action.

His name has been withheld to protect his identity, and he says he is tired of being in hiding for so long.

"About 40 people killed and we found them in different places, some of them under the bridge. They killed and then they threw them to the bridge. We tried to, wanted to burn them but the army, heavy army, they tried looking for us and now we hide in the jungle."

A Papuan witness to the reported massacre.