20 Jun 2013

Slow start but extra Niue flight boosts tourist numbers

4:43 am on 20 June 2013

The chair of the Niue Tourism Board, Teresa Scott, says it is forecasting a 30 percent increase in passenger arrivals this year thanks to the additional flight to the island, introduced two months ago.

Air New Zealand agreed to make an extra trip each fortnight during the high season from April to October, on top of its weekly flight.

Teresa Scott says while some of the new flights had low bookings in April and May, it was still classified as the shoulder season and forward bookings from now to December are healthy.

"We always expected that it's going to take a while for people to pick and know that we have the additional flights so a marketing trend has to happen there as well so that wasn't entirely unexpected but certainly the bookings for the winter period for even the additional flights are looking quite good at this point."

Teresa Scott.

The Air New Zealand flights are underwritten by the Niue Government.