20 Jun 2013

Niue Power head keen to have inspector

3:19 pm on 20 June 2013

The general manager of the Niue Power Corporation says his workers were responsible for a young girl at Makefu receiving an electric shock two months ago.

Speedo Hetutu says staff had been upgrading a low voltage pillar box in the village and one of the old connections into the house was left live.

He says it is the only occasion in the past five years that his workers have been at fault in a wiring mishap.

Mr Hetutu says the recent death of a girl was due to exposed wiring, which had been inadequately covered by tape.

He says he wants improvements in the ways wiring around the island is done, with the work undertaken by qualified electricians with permits and testing conducted.

And he will ask the government to bring in an inspector.

"We will be suggesting, talking with the government to possibly look at this way ahead for Niue to have an inspector on site to inspect jobs and so forth."

Speedo Hetutu.