20 Jun 2013

Thousands sign petition against additional coal plant in New Caledonia capital

4:30 pm on 20 June 2013

The NGO, Together for the Planet, or EPLP, is today delivering a petition to New Caledonia's government opposing a planned coal-fuelled power plant in Noumea.

The recently announced plant of the SLN nickel company is poised to increase New Caledonia's already high carbon emission rate.

The World Wildlife Fund says the territory's CO2 emissions will rise almost treble to 36.8 tonnes per capita a year due to the development of new mining and metal extraction projects.

EPLP's Martine Cornaille says SLN is pushing through its plans without consulting the local community.

"Our goal was to show to the government and industrialists that people do not want an additional coal plant inside here in Noumea. Within two months now, we have had more than 6,700 signatures from civilians, from people in society that refuse to have a coal plant here."

Martine Cornaille of the NGO, Together for the Planet