21 Jun 2013

Solomons police urge public to take care on buses following abductions

4:10 am on 21 June 2013

Solomon Islands police are urging women and children to be careful when using buses in the capital Honiara, following two cases of abductions, one allegedly involving rape.

Less than two weeks ago a Chinese businessman was kidnapped and assaulted while being driven around the city in a bus and a police media officer says six men have been charged with kidnapping.

Spink Mahuta says in the latest case, a 21-year-old woman was also travelling on a bus last week when she was allegedly abducted, taken to a secluded area, raped and left tied to a tree.

He says understandably the incident has made women frightened to take the bus.

"We are calling on the public as well for their safety not to travel on odd hours, in the evening and so forth, especially for women and children to travel with someone beside."

Spink Mahuta says police are considering mounting an undercover operation on buses as part of a campaign to prevent further crime.