24 Jun 2013

Fiji airline puts limits on shark fins it will carry

3:08 pm on 24 June 2013

Fiji's national airline has announced a ban on carrying the fins and other products of sharks unless they come from a sustainable source.

Air Pacific's acting chief executive says the airline has conducted a month-long review of its freight policies relating to the carriage of shark and shark-related products.

Aubrey Swift says the company understands the importance and sensitivity of the matter, but says there have been gross inaccuracies and misleading reports in the media.

He says the airline recognises and accepts its responsibilities on environmental and conservation issues and takes them very seriously.

During its review, the airline held discussions with freight forwarders, suppliers and the fishing industry, and sought the expertise of conservation organisations.

He says after taking into account various considerations, the review highlights that the airline needs clearer and stricter policies in place to ensure that suppliers only ship sustainably-sourced shark products.