30 Aug 2013

All Vanuatu tourism workers to go through new training programme

4:14 am on 30 August 2013

A new training programme for all tourism workers in Vanuatu will be launched today in Port Vila.

The National Tourism Ambassador Programme is compulsory for all workers who come face to face with tourists.

The Director of the Department of Tourism Development, George Borugu, says many taxi and bus drivers do not speak english and many workers lack the necessary skills and knowledge.

He says the New Zealand Government has pledged 255,000 US dollars, and training will begin in October.

Mr Borugu says Vanuatu has much to offer but further tourism training is essential.

"We in Vanuatu generally in the tourism industry lack basic tourism business skills and general knowledge. And also tourism culture is a new thing for us in Vanuatu. What we want to do is get people who have direct face-to-face contact with tourists to be better ambassadors."

George Borugu says all workers will have to sit an examination, but high-standard industry training programmes already provided by some tourism companies will be recognised.