29 Aug 2013

Fiji labour shortage hampers sugar harvest

4:24 am on 29 August 2013

Fiji's National Farmers Union says a labour shortage has hindered cane harvest nation-wide.

Its president Surendra Lal says cane farmers are finding it difficult to secure cane cutters.

Mr Lal says it has become a major concern as many people are depending on sugar cane farming for sources of income.

He says the labour shortage is a major obstacle in harvesting.

"Some farms have not been renewed and people have left their place to other places and now the Indo-Fijian younger generation have changed their focus, they are more towards looking for other employment cash economy, we have been relying heavily on the indigenous natives what we have seen that they are also not willing to harvest and they treat cane farming as a very hard job."

Surendra Lal says the country is already in the harvesting season.