28 Aug 2013

Tuvalu opposition miffed about travel ban conjecture

1:27 pm on 28 August 2013

The Tuvalu opposition MP Willy Telavi says the government needs to talk to the previous administration to clarify the issue of the Chief Justice being stopped from travelling through Fiji to Tuvalu.

The New Zealand-based Sir Gordon Ward is under a travel ban imposed by the Fiji regime.

Tuvalu's Prime Minister Epele Sopoaga told media he suspects the administration of Mr Telavi, who was removed as Prime Minister a month ago, is behind the ban.

But Mr Telavi says his administration tried to talk to Fiji about lifting the ban, for which no reason was given.

He says the Sopoaga administration has not sought the previous government's input on the matter.

"I'm just an arm's length from them. They can just contact me so I can verify the information rather than go to the media. Why do they go to the media? I'm the one who is going to explain this. Yeah I can help... even the officials in Foreign Affairs, or Secretary to Government office, should know what's going on."

A Tuvalu opposition MP, Willy Telavi