27 Aug 2013

Project to address water issues launched in remote Palau

8:45 pm on 27 August 2013

A water project has been launched to address water issues in Palau's remote islands.

It is funded by the European Union and executed by the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.

The Public Relations Officer with Palau's Public Utilities Corporation, John Kintaro, says the project will repair water infrastructure to improve the quality, reliability and the long-term sustainability of water.

He says the overall project will be broken down into smaller components on each island.

"It will actually make them more resilient just in case of a prolonged draught they will have some stored water especially for drinking and in some other stage the water is not portable so they are just using it for washing and taking shower so for cooking and drinking they have to rely on rain water."

Palau's Public Utilities Corporation Public Relations Officer, John Kintaro.