22 Aug 2013

Restricted Fiji Methodists conference webcast

4:48 am on 22 August 2013

Fiji's Methodist Church says its annual conference is being shortened by the regime but it will use it to prepare for next year's 50th jubilee celebration.

The Church's conference began yesterday and will last three days.

Its secretary for communications, the Reverend James Bhagwan, says the church is using technology available which will help members hear leaders explain issues such as the review of the church constitution.

He says via its livestream page, the church will be streaming the morning devotions and the ordination services.

"We had tried to negotiate with the government to get more time but this is all that we have been given and so we will make the most of it use our time wisely which is also part of our Methodist tradition in the hope next year we will hopefully normalise things as we go on."

The Reverend James Bhagwan says the church will also produce DVDs for those not able to access the live streaming.