20 Aug 2013

Policewomen in Bougainville provide much needed balance

12:58 pm on 20 August 2013

The Bougainville community auxiliary police have recruited women to give a much-needed balance to the service.

Constable Reginald Sogen is the Coordinator of the 340 Bougainville community auxiliary police being trained by New Zealand police officers.

He says the main problems police deal with include armed robberies and domestic violence fuelled by drugs and alcohol.

Constable Sogen says it can be difficult to disarm criminals, as police don't carry weapons, but when people take the law into their own hands, the presence of women in the service is essential.

"There are lots of important ways that policewomen, because when policeman goes and there is no policewoman there, we do things differently you know. But with policewomen present, we can control our force. Stop us from hitting people."

Reginald Sogen says policewomen are also better suited to dealing with female offenders.