19 Aug 2013

New Zealand review team to assess Tokelau secondary transition

6:56 pm on 19 August 2013

A team from New Zealand's Education Review Office is to assess how many of Tokelau's secondary school students further their education overseas.

The assessment is part of an inaugural review by the office of Tokelau's three schools - one on each atoll - which cater for students from early childhood to Year 11.

The leader of the review team, Violet Tu'uga Stevenson, says it is not known at this stage how many students go on to complete Years 12 and 13 outside of Tokelau.

"We're going over there to see the transitions and to see where they actually do go. So they either go over to Apia or they come through to New Zealand. Most of them come through to New Zealand."

Violet Tu'uga Stevenson says the team will be in Tokelau for about two weeks, spending two to three days at each school.

She says the teachers may be a little anxious about the review but the team will not be applying a New Zealand methodology without taking into account the Tokelau context.