19 Aug 2013

PNG's Port Moresby faces water shortage

3:03 pm on 19 August 2013

Papua New Guinea's capital city, Port Moresby, could be facing severe water shortages in coming months, as levels in its only water source, the Sirinumu Dam, slowly recede with no sign of rain to replenish it.

On Sunday senior executives of the water supply authority, Eda Ranu, appealed to the public to be water conscious.

The chief executive, Henry Mokono and senior management took journalists to the dam to show them the critical state of the city's water supplies.

A Sirinumu Dam landowner says usually the dam, on the Sogeri plateau, is not affected by the dry weather that affects Port Moresby.

Mr Mokono says the situation is very bad and everyone must start taking some responsibility when using water.

He says washing vehicles with hoses, watering flower gardens and simply wasting water must cease or the city will run out of water.

The utility has also begun a water rationing exercise which will be publicised in the media.