14 Aug 2013

Police don't respond to domestic callouts, says Solomons youth leader

7:30 pm on 14 August 2013

A youth leader in Solomon Islands' Malaita province says local police officers do not respond to family violence callouts.

The comment follows the downsizing of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands or RAMSI, with a commitment to retaining overseas police officers in the country for the next four years to strengthen the national force.

Loise Loong says her community at Langa Langa has selected her to deal with young people who drink and smoke marijuana.

She says when she is called on to alert police to family problems local officers are usually busy with their own affairs.

"Like once I have a family problem in my village, then I call the police - no police come. So I have to call the police RAMSI and then the RAMSI come over to my home."

Loise Loong says family violence is rife throughout Malaita and is usually fueled by consumption of alcohol or homebrew.