12 Aug 2013

PNG sees no rivalry in its Sino/US links

6:22 am on 12 August 2013

Papua New Guinea's Foreign Minister says his government does not see its relationships with China and the US as any type of competition by the major powers.

Rimbink Pato's comment comes amid ongoing speculation that Chinese and American interests are at odds in PNG and that the governments of the two countries are battling for influence in the western Pacific.

Mr Pato says PNG does not see the situation as a competition.

He says PNG seeks to connect with the world in constructive ways, and wants good relationships with both China and the US.

"We want effective collaborative partners who will assist in PNG's connections with the world. PNG stands for what we can get, how we can contribute regionally and globally. So we don't look at what those competitions, whatever form they might take, the extent to which there may be issues and conflict."

Rimbink Pato