9 Aug 2013

Samoa to commemorate Father's Day with launch of honorific book

7:50 am on 9 August 2013

Samoa will launch a new edition of its honorifics book today, in the lead-up to Father's Day celebrations on Monday.

Honorifics for each village's traditional leaders are considered very important in Samoa and the book sets out how leaders should be addressed.

The Minister of Women's Affairs, Tolofuaivalelei Falemoe Leiataua, says the book will be sold to countries including the United States, Australia and New Zealand, where Samoan people reside.

He says the Government chose the theme of 'good governance' for this year's Father's Day, to promote the roles of village councils, and to encourage the principles of good governance in their decision making.

The book will be launched during a ceremony today in Samoa.