9 Aug 2013

Both Samoas discuss protection of marine resources

5:53 am on 9 August 2013

Representatives of Samoa and American Samoa are meeting to discuss ways to improve the protection of marine resources in the Samoan archipelago.

The Two Samoas Reef Resilience Workshop for the Marine Managed Areas is being held this week.

A senior marine scientist for the global environmental group The Nature Conservancy, Dr Alison Green says the workshop is a groundbreaking initiative for sharing ideas on how to properly and effectively manage marine resources.

Dr Green says the impacts of climate change is a key topic of discussion.

"There's a lot of impacts on the coral reefs and other ecosystems that we think are going to get a lot worse in future. So a big focus of this workshop is to try and understand what those changes are likely to be and we can do to manage those impacts."

Dr Alison Green from The Nature Conservancy.